Kevin Lawver

Fixed my blog ( Haven’t quite figured out my writing schedule yet, or what to even write about. I used to be good at this.

I have a weekly task to review performance data and fix the worst offender (it’s time-boxed to 1 hour). It’s easy to let things slide because they’re not on fire, but they’ll eventually slide into the fire if you’re not careful. Catch them early, when they’re easier to put out.

Wanna help? Your community has lots of non-profits, schools, and civic boards that need your expertise. Serving on a board is a great way to give back without having to run for office (but it’s also good training if you want to run for office some day).

The world has moved on from where technical talent can just be unpleasant in their caves and work their “magic” without dealing with “normals”.

We have to be able to communicate, be kind, understanding and make things easier for everyone else on our teams.

Be kind, then smart.

Sometimes I feel bad about not wanting to code in my spare time anymore, but… I don’t. I have other things to learn that don’t involve telling computers what to do.

Hey, maybe I can get back into blogging by using this more. Going to try to post one thinky thought daily and see how it goes.

Dough on the rise. The light over my stove? Pretty good for photos…

I do not understand many things.

What rules do you have for your teams? I’ve only got three big ones: 1. Don’t screw up the same way twice. 2. When you screw up, let people know right away and commit to solving it. 3. Don’t spin your wheels. If you can’t solve a problem, ask for help.

I have to write a 6 minute Pecha Kucha talk and everything I want to talk about will take at least 45 minutes. Gotta get ruthless…

I bet if I @jgarber, I can then follow him!

Trying to figure out how to reduce poverty in Savannah while being realistic about our constraints and advantages. It’s a fun problem for my brain to chew on while not obsessed with work. How do you unblock aspiring entrepreneurs and unleash existing ones?

This is a lovely little iOS app. Feels comfy and spare at the same time. Love it. #microblog

Hey, this is fun. Mmm mmm, little blogging.